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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Can we get 100 cans by the 100th day?

If you are looking for an extra 100th day activity, you may want to do a Food Drive! Our 100th day is coming up Feb. 1.

Below is the note I sent to parents explaining the food drive - feel free to cut/paste/adjust to use it if you can.

Kindergarten is holding a canned-food drive event in our classrooms. We are CHALLENGING each class to bring in 100 cans by the 100th day of school on Feb. 1. We want to show our children that if we all do just a little to help, it can quickly turn into A LOT! If all of us bring in 4 cans, we can easily get to 100! If each class brings in 100 cans, we will be donating 700 cans! Of course, you are welcome to bring in more J You can start sending in cans whenever you’d like.

This project will also reinforce skills we are working on in math, science and social studies! We can sort the foods by food groups. We can keep a tally mark chart of how many cans we collect. We could locate on a map where the different cans originated from. We will be able to sort our cans into groups of tens and/or fives and practice skip counting. Lots and lots of hands-on-learning fun!

I also made a graph to hang in the hall for us to keep track of the number of cans that each class has:

I'm thinking we will make tally marks to track the amount of can to show two groups of five make 10. I also want to print a map of the world so we can put stickers on the map to locate where our canned foods come from.

I love all the 100th day ideas out there! This one is new for me this year :) What new activity are trying this year on the 100th day?


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