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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentine's Day Write the Room

I just completed my "Will You Be My Valentine?" write the room activity. My kindergarteners love write the room, and we could use some work on short vowel sounds so I really look forward to using this next week during literacy centers.

There are four picture cards for each short vowel sound, and there is a recording sheet for students.

Some ways you could use it:
          For Write the Room: Hang the cards around the room. Students will read the picture, listen for the short vowel sound, and write the word under the correct column on the recording sheet. The cards are self-correcting – students can look at the monster on the card and the monster on the vowel on the recording sheet to check themselves.

This is part of the recording sheet.

The monster on the card matches the monster on the recording sheet.

          If your not a fan of “write around the room,” I included sorting mats. Students can stay in one spot to sort them on the mats then complete the recording sheet.

          This could be used as an assessment to see how students are doing with writing CVC words.

          I included a color and black-and-white version!

Write the Room is one of my kids favorite activities - and it's just perfect for kindergarten because it gets them moving around! You can grab this one at my TpT store. What other write the room activities would you like to see created?

-Alexis :)

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