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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Pout Pout Fish Deanna Jump Style!

My students and I love Deanna Jump's unit on The Pout Pout Fish! I think it is a must have for this time of year. I used it as a Sub-Tub activity last year, and it was perfect! This year I was able to do it with the kids - the have so much fun! Click on the mini picture to link to her store.
After reading the book, we watch this video from you tube - love love love the tune :) You're sure to be humming it all day.
Here are few of our Pout Pout Fish and writing responses:

 We have 12 more days - how many more days do you have?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Beach Just Opened!

Sorry for the lack of posting...I've updated my classroom blog, but I've totally neglected this one! I'm back! :)

We don't have a traditional classroom "home living/housekeeping" area and this has forced us to get pretty creative throughout the year. This semester we have set up a Pet Shop, a Garden Center, and now we have the beach! You ask...what do you do at the beach? I told my kids my favorite thing to do was to read at the beach - so of course, they all want to read at the beach too! Gotta love kindergarten students!

It's super simple, and the kids have loved it! I added a fun table cloth and grass skirt to a table and set out a few beach towels and beach chairs. The students got to choose their favorite books to go in the center. It's a great way to sneak in some more reading time in a FUN way during these last couple of weeks of school.

A peek at the beach:
To add some fun-flair, we created a mural after reading Rainbow Fish. This morning, we will complete a shared writing "chit-chat" type message about Rainbow Fish to accompany the art work.