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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lakeshore Can Do! Science Kits

These are awesome!

I was so excited to see a package from Lakeshore on the front steps today when I got home. My poor husband had to sit beside me and watch me unwrap all these goodies and gush over how excited I was to get back to work to share them with my kids, haha! My kids love to go to the "science" center despite that fact that I think my science center has been SERIOUSLY awful with lots of room for improvement this year.

I think my students will really enjoy these "cans" of activities. Each can has all the materials needed, and easy-to-follow picture card directions. I think they will be able to explore them with a lot of independence. I plan on leaving them in the center, but I also want to use them as "take-home activities". The directions are clear for kids, but there is also a paper with suggestions of questions for adults to ask. It seems perfect for kids to take home to have a science family night! It may be really neat to have them share some of the activities they do at home with their friends at school  - great conversations are sure to be had about their science discoveries! Additionally, because the materials are really pretty basic, it will show parents and kids how "science" really is all around us and it doesn't have to be messy...although messy is normally fun!

I know these cans are just a small step forward in improving my science center, but I'm excited!
What do you all have in your science centers that you just love?

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